10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive design is all the rage, and many observers believe it’s here to stay. I agree, given that responsive design makes it easy to share content across many different devices from a single source code. Responsive design is more efficient, more effective and it saves money.

Combine responsive design with WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging platform, and you have a recipe for success. And with the following 10 free responsive WordPress themes, you can launch a great-looking modern website with minimal investment.

  1. D5 Design

This free theme was created for “smart companies and persons who love to innovate.” It would make a great theme for a modern web app company, for example.

D5 Design

  1. Best

This theme comes packed with three different page templates, flexible layout options and multiple theme tools for easy customization.


  1. Frank

A simple, clean, fast-loading blog theme built with responsive design in mind.


  1. Celestial – Lite

This free responsive WordPress theme features a flexible grid and the modern styling afforded by HTML5 and CSS3.


  1. Respo

Respo is another clean WordPress theme that is easy to customize. Its built-in slideshow is a responsive element.


  1. Simple Grid

An awesome responsive grid WordPress theme, perfect for blogs, portfolios and photo albums.

Simple Grid

  1. Pachyderm

A light, fun, responsive WordPress theme that was designed exclusively for micro-blogging.

7. Pachyderm

  1. Photum

This is probably my favorite theme on the list; highly customizable, you can use grids or a single large photo to command attention with this responsive WordPress theme.


  1. Skylark

Skylark is a bright, yet clean, free responsive WordPress theme designed with the business or entrepreneur in mind.


  1. MetroPress

MetroPress is a free responsive WordPress theme that mimics the styles you’ll find in Windows 8.



Author’s Bio: Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. Follow PsPrint on Twitter @PsPrint and Facebook.

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