20 Free WordPress Themes – Dark and Black Themes

Not long ago we celebrated Halloween, and the two main colors of this holiday are black and orange, and today we’d like to share a list of Black WordPress Themes, and they’re all free.

What do we know about the color black? This color has both positive and negative emotions associated with it. It represents elegance, formality and sophistication. At the same time this color is strongly related to death, evil and the unknown. Additionally, black is considered to be a mysterious color. If to speak about web design, black is often used when building portfolio sites because dark background makes the other colors stand out. Finally, black works well with almost any color and it is never out of fashion.

And if you like the color black and you want to build a black WordPress site, then be sure to see the free WordPress themes features below. Yes, these themes are free to download, but you’d better read the terms of use before you install any of them. It’s not that free themes will go paid, but most probably you will be asked to keep the credit links intact.

Btw, black is not only a good choice for photography and design portfolio sites, but other web pages as well. So if you’re looking for a layout for your personal blog, game portal, news site, music site or any other project you have in mind, you can find it here.

GamePress GamePress

Wellblog Wellblog

Sixhours Sixhours

Simple Style Photography Simple Style Photography

muro muro

picturesque Picturesque

GamesBlack GamesBlack

pinblack pinblack

DarkoOo DarkoOo

MusicWorld MusicWorld

black tribe black tribe

zeePersonal zeePersonal

Dark Steel Dark Steel

Fotofolio Landscape Fotofolio Landscape

Neptune Neptune

Destro Destro

fanwood fanwood

nuance nuance

BlackOn BlackOn

Proyecto Proyecto

Black Label Black Label


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