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FormEngine 3.0.1

FormEngine is a user-friendly and highly customisable WordPress plugin that makes it easy to build step by step forms for your website, which in turn helps you collect the information you need from your visitors. It works right out of the box which makes it quick and easy to get started without having to worry about any coding – but it’s also powerful enough to create highly customised and creative form configurations.


  • Lightning fast setup – upload the plugin to WordPress and activate
  • Client and server side form validation
  • Unlimited sections and questions
  • Choose from a variety of different field types
    • Single Line Input
    • Paragraph Text
    • Email
    • Date Select
    • Time Select
    • Checkboxes
    • Dropdown Menu
    • Multiple Choice
    • File Upload
  • Modal forms NEW
  • Optional Progress Bar
  • Email notifications when form completed
  • Admin panel to manage submissions and preferences

Getting started

FormEngine is a WordPress plugin so to get started all you need to do is upload it from the WordPress plugins menu. Or, you can manually upload it to your plugins directory.


FormEngine is regularly tested and updated. If you have are any questions or suggestions please add a comment or visit our support forums. We pride ourselves on quick and effective customer service, and we will always provide a full and proper support service free of charge for all buyers.

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