Have You Used Adverts Plugin Yet?

Advertisements on websites still remain one of the most ubiquitous methods to make money. Perhaps the reason is that they allow you to generate passive income.  By “passive income” I mean an income which is generated without the actual involvement of the site owner.  Think of it this way – you create a website and then put some ads on it. When people will visit your site, those ads will generate a revenue even when you are away.

If you run your site on the WordPress platform, Adverts is a good choice for you to run and manage ads.

Adverts is a light weight, developer friendly WordPress classifieds plugin. Building any kind of classifieds or business directory​ ​site has never been easier.

WordPress Adverts

This plugin lets you build the following two kinds of classified sites:

·      A website where you allow your visitors to post ads. The advertisers can either publish ads for free or you can charge them through PayPal or online wire transfer.

·      A website where only the site administrator can publish ads, for example if you are already running a successful website and want to sell some of your own stuff.


Some of the important features of the plugin are described below.

One click installation ­- Adverts can be installed with just a click of a button. No technical know-how or complex procedures are required.

Works with any WordPress theme ­- This plugin is developed and designed in such a way that it will work and blend-in seamlessly with any other WordPress theme as long as the theme is properly coded.

Developer friendly ­- The source code is fully documented and includes multiple actions and filters which you can use to extend Adverts functionality without modifying the original source code. Thus this feature protects the code from any issues resulting from bad coding.

Auto expiring ads ­- Adverts allows you to set ads expiration dates so that you will not have to disable the ads manually. The plugin will do the job automatically for you.

SEO plugins compatible ­- Adverts is developed in such a way that it is compatible with all the major SEO plugins available in the market.

Drag and drop file uploads ­- This feature allows the users of the plugin, i.e. both the administrator and the advertiser, to quickly create image galleries by dragging and dropping the different elements. You’ll soon get a hang of it when you’ll start using it.

Great support ­- If you get stuck anywhere while using the plugin you can always contact their support team. All you have to do is just to send a message to their support staff and you will get a useful answer in less than 24 hours.


You can use the trial version for free.

Just go to their website and click on the “View Online Demo” button. You will be taken to a WordPress dashboard with the plugin installed and in working condition.

You can then try out the different features, play with the settings, and tweak different adjustments to see whether you like it or not.

Go and try the plugin and then let me know what you think in the comments below.

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