OpenStore – Free OpenCart Theme

OpenStore - Free OpenCart Theme

OpenStore is a free OpenCart theme, by IceTheme:

We are very excited about our brand new OpenCart theme. It will be our gateway to deliver more beautiful e-commerce themes.

Our first theme, called OpenStore has a classic grey design making it perfect to adapt to any e-commerce project that you might have. Also, you will find a style switcher and 6 available color schemes to choose from our custom control panel module.

Take the time to view the demo and you are welcome to share your thoughts and help us deliver the best Opencart Themes for you.

As you may already know our main goal is to provide Beautiful themes to WOW you clients and besides Joomla, we are committed to design amazing themes for OpenCart CMS as well.

The main reason that we chose OpenCart is simplicity. You will be surprised at how fast your e-shop will be up and running. Also, you will soon notice an increase of the sales too. Time is probably the most valuable asset for all of us, so finishing your next e-commerce website in a “fly of a second” is guaranteed with IceTheme and OpenCart.

OpenStore is our first OpenCart theme that we decided to give as a gift to all of you who want to try this Shopping system, so you are free to download, test and install it on your commercial website. Support is free as well and your thoughts are extremely welcome!

In the upcoming months we will create our OpenCart Club, where convenient premium memberships will be offered to you for reasonable prices.

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