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Anyone who has been using the Internet for a few years will remember the bad old days when sites were very limited as to the range of fonts they could use. If fonts weren’t on a user’s system, then they couldn’t be displayed by browsers. If designers wanted to do something fancy, they were limited to using images or Flash, both of which are undesirable for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that having a site’s text in either of those formats is terrible for search engine optimization.

A major part of the evolution of modern web design has been the development of tools that make it much easier to design sites with proper typography. Typography and font selection has an enormous impact on the overall aesthetic of a site, as well as its readability.

In the last few years, web fonts have revolutionized online typography. Web fonts are fonts that are located on servers on the Internet, and included in a site through CSS or Javascript. It doesn’t matter whether the user has a font on their system, because the browser will download them from the server. Web fonts enormously increase the typographical scope of a WordPress site.

Before we go into the best ways to get web fonts onto your page, a word of warning: just because you can use dozens of fonts, doesn’t mean that you should. Two fonts should be considered a safe maximum for most purposes; perhaps a serif and a sans serif for headers and text. Unless you’re a design whizz (you probably aren’t if you’re reading this) trying to combine too many fonts will lead to a cluttered, inconsistent and untidy looking page. Check out this article from Smashing Magazine for some great advice on combining typefaces for the best effect.

Probably the best free source of web fonts is Google Web Fonts, with over 600 different typefaces to choose from. The interface is very simple to use. You can browse through the available typefaces, seeing what they look like at various sizes and as headlines or blocks of text. When you find something you like, you add it to you collection before reviewing everything you’ve selected. If you’re happy you’ll be given a snippet of HTML (JavaScript) to add to your page and some CSS for your stylesheets.

You can opt to add these directly to your WordPress site if you’re familiar with web development, but it’s far easier to take advantage of one of the many plugins that will do the job for you.


WP Web Fonts

This plugin is a little bare bones but it gets the job done. Once you’ve chosen the typeface you want in the Google Web Fonts Interface, copy and paste the code snippets into the WP Web Fonts dialogue, add some CSS styles, and you’re done.

WP Google Fonts

If you’d rather not tangle with CSS then this is the plugin for you. It features a comprehensive control panel with drop downs for choosing fonts and the ability to pick which HTML elements to apply your choices to.


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Have You Used Adverts Plugin Yet?

Advertisements on websites still remain one of the most ubiquitous methods to make money. Perhaps the reason is that they allow you to generate passive income.  By “passive income” I mean an income which is generated without the actual involvement of the site owner.  Think of it this way – you create a website and then put some ads on it. When people will visit your site, those ads will generate a revenue even when you are away.

If you run your site on the WordPress platform, Adverts is a good choice for you to run and manage ads.

Adverts is a light weight, developer friendly WordPress classifieds plugin. Building any kind of classifieds or business directory​ ​site has never been easier.

WordPress Adverts

This plugin lets you build the following two kinds of classified sites:

·      A website where you allow your visitors to post ads. The advertisers can either publish ads for free or you can charge them through PayPal or online wire transfer.

·      A website where only the site administrator can publish ads, for example if you are already running a successful website and want to sell some of your own stuff.


Some of the important features of the plugin are described below.

One click installation ­- Adverts can be installed with just a click of a button. No technical know-how or complex procedures are required.

Works with any WordPress theme ­- This plugin is developed and designed in such a way that it will work and blend-in seamlessly with any other WordPress theme as long as the theme is properly coded.

Developer friendly ­- The source code is fully documented and includes multiple actions and filters which you can use to extend Adverts functionality without modifying the original source code. Thus this feature protects the code from any issues resulting from bad coding.

Auto expiring ads ­- Adverts allows you to set ads expiration dates so that you will not have to disable the ads manually. The plugin will do the job automatically for you.

SEO plugins compatible ­- Adverts is developed in such a way that it is compatible with all the major SEO plugins available in the market.

Drag and drop file uploads ­- This feature allows the users of the plugin, i.e. both the administrator and the advertiser, to quickly create image galleries by dragging and dropping the different elements. You’ll soon get a hang of it when you’ll start using it.

Great support ­- If you get stuck anywhere while using the plugin you can always contact their support team. All you have to do is just to send a message to their support staff and you will get a useful answer in less than 24 hours.


You can use the trial version for free.

Just go to their website and click on the “View Online Demo” button. You will be taken to a WordPress dashboard with the plugin installed and in working condition.

You can then try out the different features, play with the settings, and tweak different adjustments to see whether you like it or not.

Go and try the plugin and then let me know what you think in the comments below.

MH Lite – Free WordPress Magazine Theme


Our free theme (no April Fools) is MH Magazine Lite:

This is the free version of MH Magazine with basic functionality. Upgrade to the premium version and benefit from more features and options, responsive layout, several templates like homepage templates or a html sitemap, custom widgets, useful shortcodes, jQuery news ticker and advanced theme options including color pickers with unlimited colors to create your own color scheme. The premium version of MH Magazine comes with free updates and excellent customer support in German and English language. You can read more about me here.

And if you want, there is always the Premium version of it:


Watch a Puppet install WordPress !!

Learn more and read the transcript on ThemeSquirrel <------

Free WordPress Theme – Type & Grids

Our free WordPress theme today comes from Jeremiah Shoaf, and it is called: Type and Grids.

What is Type & Grids?

Type & Grids is a HTML5 template that focuses on typography and grids. It’s responsive which means it looks great on all devices from desktops to laptops to tablets and mobile phones. It’s super-customizable and comes with lots of nicely designed type and color themes. Download the free zip file to get started!

Customize the design with built-in themes

Type & Grids comes with 20 type themes and 28 color themes. You can easily mix and match the type and color themes to create a unique design for your site. No CSS knowledge is needed and all of the fonts shown in the demo are included. 58 background textures are included with the download as well.

Type and Grid - HTML5 Reponsive WordPress Theme

Simple to set up and super-customizable, Type & Grids is a responsive HTML5 template with nice typography.

Click here to get the free version, but a Pro Version is available for only $89.00

Jeremiah lists the following features:

      Simple to set up and update – all of the content is inside a single “index.html” page

Contains 20 type themes and 28 color themes which gives you over 500 unique design combinations – 58 background textures are included as well

Each type theme is meticulously handcrafted to ensure attention is paid to the small typographic details

Fully responsive design – mobile sites look great on all devices from desktops to laptops to tablets and mobile phones

Swipe-enabled with hardware accelerated transitions – works super smoothly on touch devices like the iPhone and iPad

Coded using the latest HTML5/CSS3 standards and all code is W3C valid and cross-browser compatible

Video support – easily embed your videos from Vimeo or YouTube

Clean and semantic SEO-friendly code

Design featured on the FWA Public Shortlist, Creattica and numerous other design sites

Works great for non-portfolio sites as well – the site you are viewing now is using Type & Grids

Support and documentation is available but everything is so simple to set up you probably won’t need it